Because we're only human: Mineral Blue

Mineral Blue: the Safe Work System that increases productivity, saves time, and makes sites safer, too.
There’s never been a truer saying than ‘many hands make light work’.

Like-minded people working together will get the job done in jig time, because there’s efficiency in numbers. Complex projects need large numbers of skilled people, working together and on-task. That’s great when it works well, and you can slap each other’s hi-vis backs for a job well done.

But with many hands comes risk. Because one thing is true of every human. They make mistakes.

Mineral Blue – because humans make mistakes

So, because a) we are human and b) we make mistakes, we’ve created a solution. Because we also know that, when it comes to project management, mistakes cost time, money, and risk the lives of the very humans who made them in the first place.

Mineral Blue's modules

Our safe work system brings together five modules that resolve some of the core headaches that beset large projects, and can minimise the human error and inefficiencies associated with them.

ePermit is the heart of Mineral Blue, and is designed to eliminate permit queues by automating permits-to-work in the cloud and deploying electronic permits to mobile devices. Reduced costs from reduced worker downtime, and increased safety too.

Factsafe enables field operatives to save time-stamped and geo-located evidence of critical project events using mobile devices, even using smart phone photos.

iSOL8 automates isolation processes using cloud technology, NFC radio tagging and mobile devices. As well as providing real-time access to critical process information, this means isolations can be easily repeated. Workers are safer, and work goes faster.

mySkills is the online place for workers to save and share their work certificates and professional qualifications. Those certificates can then be shared online and by email as workers move from role to role, wherever they are in the world.

Cobra stands for Cloud-Oriented Business Risk Aggregator, and is Mineral Blue’s inbuilt risk recording system, getting risk documents onto mobile devices and ensuring that such information is retained.

Working together, these modules facilitate work, save time, and increase safety. As a suite, Mineral Blue allows users a birds-eye view of progress and compliance across all of their projects and sites. And in addition, Mineral Blue can record all that vital information to the blockchain too, creating an immutable record that instils trust, right from high-vis to stakeholder.  

We’re all human, but with the right tools, we get things right, and do great things.