MySkills: Addressing skills shortage in the energy industry and beyond

How do we resolve the logjam caused by proving competency in the energy industry? Mineral Blue's mySkills module can create a national or even international 'passport to work'.

Currently, the energy industry struggles with a skills shortage, caused by delays that beset proof of competency. The minimum skills for the Safe Control of Operations within the gas industry (SCO 1, 2, 4, 5 and 91) allow operatives to sign or supervise permitry. But currently, recognition of these competencies are company-specific, meaning that personnel recorded as competent by one distributor must undergo re-assessment and re-certification before they can ‘prove’ their competency to another asset owner.

However, we have a system that can resolve this issue – for everyone.

Resolving the competency logjam

Mineral Blue is our digital Safe Work System with blockchain capability. It brings together five modules that resolve some of the core headaches that beset large projects. Not only can Mineral Blue minimise inefficiencies, but it addresses one of the core stumbling blocks to the effective management of the industry’s greatest asset, its people.

A central repository for competency data

The mySkills module of Mineral Blue is the online place for workers to save and share their work certificates and professional qualifications. Those certificates can then be shared online and by email as workers move from role to role, wherever they are in the world. This enables fluid and effective movement of skilled and competent people to key projects, wherever they might be. Supported by the ePermit module, mySkills can then act as a national or international ‘passport to work’ that can be recognised by all distributors for Competent Persons. It can even let asset owners review supply chain qualifications such as confined space training.

Supporting the industry toward 2050

Use of the mySkills platform throughout the industry would drive faster movement of skilled personnel, better project response and delivery times, as well as associated savings. It can provide one central repository for a nation’s energy industry workforce: accessible by all energy suppliers, accessible by all qualified personnel. Its immutable recording in the Blockchain cannot be fudged, tinkered with, or altered. The result is a secure record of skills, competencies, employment and experience, instilling trust and integrity throughout the industry while cutting project lead times.

Mineral Blue and mySkills: driving change for the energy industry on the road to 2050.