Mineral Blue's iSOL8: Scooping awards for isolations safety

iSOL8, Mineral Blue's safe isolations module, has already won a major award in the Western Australia Digital Innovation Awards.
A tough field at the Western Australia Digital Innovation Awards

We were up against challenging rivals at the awards ceremony held in Perth, Australia on 6 November 2019, but  iSOL8, core module of the safe work system Mineral Blue, was successful in turning judges’ heads.

How iSOL8 makes sites work more safely

iSOL8 automates isolation processes on engineering sites. It uses cloud technology, NFC radio-tagging and mobile devices. As well as providing real-time access to critical process information, this means isolations are easily repeated. Workers are safer, and work goes faster. Safety operatives are freed up to concentrate on site safety. The result? A safer site, greater productivity, cost savings, and excellent Health & Safety records.

Rob Graham, CEO of Mineral Blue was delighted: ‘We’re ecstatic to have won the Western Australia Digital Innovation of the Year Award with iSOL8, as it recognises that our team both here and in Australia have created a solution that truly contributes to the digital transformation of the industry.’

The unique team behind iSOL8

The Mineral Blue team, whose long-distance members include an artisan developer in Australia – have distinguished themselves not just as skilled engineers, but as an innovative and visionary software development company. From initially creating software solutions with direct application to the engineering industry, they now offer an impressive portfolio of products that have application to all industries, incorporating blockchain and cloud technology.