About us

Meet the team

Our team has decades of hard-won engineering experience.
Rob Graham
Rob Graham is a Civil Engineer who has spent the past 20 years working in the Energy & Utilities sector trying to circumvent many of the issues we see on a day to day basis, like permit delays, and lack of compliance evidence.  Forming QEMS Limited in 2003, Rob recognised a need for enterprise systems that worked for the asset owner and user. From this realisation came Nuclyus Limited, a tech company with a purpose to make operational systems provide real value and benefit.
Steve Asher
Steve Asher is an Artisanal software maker, Blockchain inventor and serial entrepreneur. Working as a full stack developer, Steve has spent the past 20 years managing the development and delivery of cutting edge systems, designed to push the boundaries of what is possible at any given point in time. From Blockchain to AI, Steve brings the term "endless possibilities" to life.
Mineral Blue

What makes us different?

Our Skillset

Mineral Blue is a Nuclyus Product. We stick to what we know, and we know Safe Work systems. The reason we know safe work systems is because we have spent the past 20 years being the Site Engineers, the Project Managers and Supervisors in the energy and utilities industry.

We evolved from QEM Solutions (QEMS Limited) because we wanted to make our engineers and managers outperform everyone else. We work hard and we know what needs to be done to get a project or operational activity completed efficiently and safely.

Our Approach

Nuclyus is taking on the industry giants. Asset owners and builders generally only had two options before Nuclyus.
  • Pay for one of the goliaths to build a system from scratch by companies that don’t really understand what a Safe Work system is
  • Use an off-the-shelf product and try to bend their processes to fit
Our approach is to build systems that match what we understand in the real world. That way the end user doesn't get an IT's interpretation for what they think is needed. They get and engineers solution to a problem.

Brand Values

We pride ourselves on the fact that we can deliver what the big players cannot. Systems that actually do what is needed, without the usual pain barrier.

We work hard to understand the real challenges that operatives and users face to make sure that they get real benefit from our systems. We want our users to wonder how they ever managed without us before.